Anonymous said: im 15 so i don't have a job so im looking for a cheap good felt tip liner in black, can you help please

Of course, love!

My favourite of all time and my most used it actually only £6 and from Boots! The Soap and Glory Supercat pen liner is amazing! Goes on so smoothly, can be made thick or thin with a steady hand and is a proper blackest black!

Here’s the link for you to take a look:

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What a beautiful transformation. 

Anonymous said: Have you done any of the Illamasqua courses? what are your experiences with their products?

I live outside of London, so unfortunately not! Although, I’ve been eyeing the Vintage Glamour one for a while!

I love Illamasqua! Their pure pigments are so beautiful, used wet or dry. The only complaint I have which can’t be helped is that the Rich Liquid Foundation does not like my skin, but it has no SPF so it can be used for photographic make up so it’s not a complete waste! Is there any product in particular you’re wanting to know about?

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Eyebrows on point, so gorgeous.

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